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Tyler Huston

Tyler Huston

Director of Education and Training

Tyler is a First Responder Paramedic; Addictions Nurse with specialized training in respiratory therapy and also a competitive athlete and coach..

Tyler has spent years working with clients and patients from all walks of life in community, private and hospital settings as well as at several of Canada’s premier Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment Centers.

Tyler has collaborated with Physicians, Coaches, Counsellors, Navy SEALS, Veterans, Police Officers, Firefighters, CEO’s, Professional Athletes, Parents, Grandparents and Children to develop a complete breathing system.

    What is Breath Control?

Our breathing exercises and breathwork training programs offer non-pharmacological evidence based solutions validated by scientific research.

When you breathe efficiently your body is cleansed of unwanted waste products, your lungs are strengthened and your immune system is harmonized. Your thoughts calm down which enables you to control your stress level, lower your pulse and acquire more energy to improve resilience and allow you to reach your full potential.

Breathing training can help you achieve this in your every day life, while recovering from illness or injuries, at home, at work, for sport performance or in the line of duty.

Our breathing exercises are comprised of scientifically proven principles, exercises and techniques from numerous methodologies to form one unique comprehensive program.

Our breathing programs have a sophisticated yet straight forward, approachable framework that can be performed by virtually anyone at anytime due to it’s safe and gentle natured approach.

Our breathwork programs are heavily influenced by scientifically proven Western medical science and psychotherapy techniques while incorporating elements of ancient Eastern practices and philosophies.

Breath Control Training is proven to increase performance, facilitate and support recovery and enhance resiliency.

Our Mission

Breath Control is located on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada on beautiful Vancouver Island. We provide services for clients locally, across the country and internationally. We pride ourselves in the ability to offer unique professional services and programs that deliver powerful physical and mental benefits to improve performance, health and happiness – non-pharmacologically.  


Injury Rehabilitation

Expedite recovery times from sports, workplace or accident injuries and reduce the risk of future injuries.

Trauma / PTSD

Effective PTSD & OSI symptom support free from the use of mood-altering prescription medications.


Breathing exercises and breathwork techniques for drug and alcohol addiction and recovery from substance abuse.


Deep breathing exercises for anxiety with breathwork techniques to calm stress and manage symptoms of panic disorder.


Positive psychology and imagery techniques, proven to reduce symptoms of depression and restore quality of life.

Pain Management

Non-pharmacological Breath Control Therapy for pain management and pain reduction for acute or chronic pain relief

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