Depression Relief

Reduce and Manage Signs and Symptoms of Depression with Breath Control 

Depression is among the leading causes of disability world wide in fact about 1 in 10 Canadians will experience an episode of major depressive disorder (diagnosis given to those struggling with depression) during their lifetime. There are many emotional, behavioral, physical and psychological symptoms

Depression is not a sign of weakness, a character flaw, a temporary mood change but an actual medical condition – nothing to be ashamed of.

Depression is a real health problem and a wide spread medical condition.  Those with depression may present with the following symptoms:

  • Emotional symptoms of depression may include feeling overwhelmed with simple tasks or losing interest in activities once enjoyed. A person may also feel lethargic, sad and a sense of hopelessness.
  • Physical symptoms of depression may arise as unexplainable aches and pains.
  • Psychological symptoms of depression can present as impaired memory and cognitive functions like thinking, reacting and reflecting.
  • Behavioral symptoms of depression may result in disconnected and uninterested behaviours in someone who is normally outgoing and happy.

Breath Control Therapy will create a deepened self-awareness and an enhanced self-confidence.  Our clients are armed with the tools required to improve their mental health and happiness through breathwork therapy, physical training exercises and positive psychology techniques that give you the skills to help manage and alleviate the signs and symptoms of depression.

Some physicians or psychiatrists may prescribe medications or people may turn to alcohol or drugs in an attempt to self-medicate to provide a temporary break from some of the symptoms of depression. However, self-medicating simply masks and often worsens their original symptoms of depression which then causes a snowball effect.   People struggling with drug and alcohol addiction often have their depression triggered and symptoms exacerbated through substance use.

Breath Control techniques provide non-pharmacological support for our clients through breathing exercises, positive psychology and imagery techniques we can alleviate signs and symptoms of depression and increase the happiness in our clients lives.

We believe in looking at our clients and their past as a whole in order to get to the root of the problem and then develop an individualized Breath Control Therapy program based on their unique requirements.  We base our strategy on the entire picture and not just the currently presenting symptoms.

We will work together towards restoring the roles you have lost due to depression. Goals normally include a return to work and other previously enjoyed activities, improved coping skills, and being able to feel like “yourself” again.

We provide secure online individual Breath Control Therapy sessions that can take place in the comfort and discretion of your own home or alternatively we also provide In-Person private classes. 


I already feel happier and less depressed after using the breathing exercises I learned in my first Breath Control Therapy session!

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