Addiction Recovery

Breath Control Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Breath Control Therapy (BCT) for addiction treatment applies the latest innovations in proven medical sciences and the strongest evidence based practices to suit the unique individual experiences of each client.

Breath Control Therapy (BCT) is a somatic based practice incorporating breathing exercices heavily influenced by scientifically proven Western medical science and psychotherapy techniques while instilling elements of ancient Eastern breathing practices and philosophies to promote physical, psychological, and spiritual healing.

Breathwork and breath coaching promotes healing at the deepest level, many health matters often associated with addiction are rooted in unresolved emotional issues; BCT can be an effective non-pharmacological solution for a wide range of behavioral problems, disorders, conditions, and concerns.

The Breath Control Therapy addiction recovery program is comprised of simple yet sophisticated breathing exercises and techniques:

  • Conscious functional breathing (Anatomy, Physiology and Neurology)
  • Physical strengthening, lengthening and flexibility
  • Concentration, Clarity and Focus
  • Somatic Therapy
  • Positive Psychology (Flow)
  • Hydrotherapy (water or pool sessions)

Breath Control Therapy assists in processing trauma, developing healthier thought patterns, increasing energy and happiness and creating a new perspective on old behaviours.

Our addiction recovery program is designed with accessibility in mind to make effective addiction support a reality. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for people suffering from addiction or co-occurring disorders and other mental health issues.  We honour every client’s process and can provide effective results at every step of the way along the path to addiction recovery.

We offer highly flexible programming to addicted individuals and their family members and can accommodate busy schedules through live online individual training or in-person private sessions.

We also provide our unique innovative service within residential addiction treatment centers and mental health facilities. We have developed a revolutionary program to be a seamlessly integrated component into preexisting structured programming.  Breathwork acts as an adjunctive therapy to increase patient engagement, absorption and effectiveness of current clinical therapies and is supplemental to the patients’ medical treatment plan.

Clinical Breath Control Therapy programming options include:

  • Organizational Substance Abuse Programs
  • Individual or Group Therapy Sessions (Inpatient Treatment)
  • Continining Care / Aftercare Programming (Outpatient Treatment)
  • Resilient Guardians Program
  • Family and Loved Ones Program
  • Breathwork Training for Professional Mental Health and Addiction Practitioners (Onsite)

Breath Control Therapy employed in residential addiction treatment and mental health rehabilitation facilities can help patients:

  • improve physical, psychological and spiritual health and promote happiness in patients’ lives… non-pharmacologically
  • strengthen resilience by providing powerful, transferable life skills
  • reduce and prevent the risk of relapse
  • increase patient recovery rate

We provide private, effective, adaptable addiction care for individuals who want to reduce their dependency on chemical substances or change other addictive behaviour that is disrupting their lives.

Breath Control Therapy offers discreet addiction programming for athletes, first responders and military, health care practitioners, business executives and professionals, while offering additional support for the families of those affected. Each program has been meticulously developed with each audience in mind, including the specific challenges and obstacles they may face on their journey to recovery.

Breath Control Therapy is a powerful practice in which people learn to focus on controlled and conscious breathing in order to bring their mindset to the present in order to bring balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit. Through somatic, psychophysiological techniques we strengthen the coordination between the respiratory system and the nervous system which can provide the key to unlocking blocked or hidden physical and psychological trauma.

Conscious functional breathing exercises will improve confidence and self-awareness allowing a deeper connection with self, family, friends, teammates, coworkers and community.

  • Breathwork helps calm the anxiety that is often found in people overwhelmed with the early stages of addiction
  • As a self discovery exposure therapy method it will teach you to become comfortable in potentially uncomfortable situations while offering soothing techniques to curb drug and alcohol cravings.
  • Our somatic breathing exercises and techniques are transferable and can be placed in your back pocket as a trusted relapse prevention support that you be accessed any place, any time, on command.

When BCT is practiced on a regular basis we can more assuredly control our thoughts and emotions and can decrease our physical and emotional reactions to stress, thereby releasing our need for drugs, alcohol and addictive substances or behaviors.

When we breathe consciously on a continual basis it is easier to direct our lives and achieve our potential. All of these outcomes help us to decrease addictive behaviour and strengthen recovery.

Our unique breathwork techniques and breathing exercises utilize the rhythm and depth of the breath to alter the biochemistry of the blood composition to effect and manage different states of health, consciousness and emotion. The mind follows the breath.

“The Breath is the Horse and the mind is the rider”

– Old Tibetan Proverb

“However, when horse and rider are in harmony, they will merge and become one as well as help each other. That is Breath Control”

– Stig Severinsen – 4x Freediving World Champion and Founder of The Breatheolgy Method

Breath Control Therapy generates a positive “ripple” effect in terms of benefiting other aspects of your life in addition to the “presenting problem” or addiction that led you to seek help in the beginning.

The following are just a few of the co-disorders or co-morbidities commonly associated with addiction that BCT can help alleviate safely, effectively and non-pharmacologically:


For someone who struggles greatly with anxiety, depression and their physiological symptoms I have renewed hope in my own capabilities to self soothe. To have a therapy that has the spiritual method I adore coupled with a scientific background is game changing. Having something I can do, literally 24 hours a day is such a nice feeling, I would recommend this to anyone in recovery from addiction.

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