Anxiety Relief

Deep Breathing Exercises and Techniques for Anxiety Stress and Panic Disorder

Never in the history has anyone calmed down when being told to “relax” or even when being told to “take a deep breath” for that matter.

Both of these directives actually tend to escalate the situation.  Think about it without proper instruction when someone is told to “take a deep breath” the first reaction is to open the mouth wide and take as big of a breath as possible which goes directly to the upper chest activating all of the neck and clavicular muscles.

Through Breath Control training you will learn how and why this is actually the perfect recipe to induce stress and ignite a panic attack. You will learn:

  • the anatomy, neurology and physiology of the breathing process
  • the biomechanics of or breathing patterns
  • the biochemistry of our blood in relation to respiration

Meditation and mindfulness are wonderful techniques that I do teach but will not be effective until we can learn to relax first.  It may sound a bit strange but relaxation is in fact a learned skill and the more you practice the bigger the benefits you will receive.  Relaxation is one of the biggest keys to life whether it be pre game jitters before a sporting event or before you give a big presentation to the board, maybe it is before deploying into an unknown location during a tactical operation or before entering a noisy cafeteria for lunch.  Breath Control training can give you an anxiety remedy to put in your pocket that you can use anywhere, any time on command. You will be able to remain grounded, calm, focused and have the ability to think and respond clearly and decisively.

Our breathing and our respiratory system is intimately linked with our nervous system and will reflect trauma and/or tensions caused by psychological stress and often present itself in the form of anxiety or acute panic attacks.

However, by taking advantage of this intimate link we have the tool to control stress and calm our body and mind.

Breathwork helps you step back from emotional reactions and access the intelligence of your own body-mind and establish new patterns and responses in your life.

Breath Control Therapy offers an increased freedom of expression, increased self-awareness and connection to your true self as well as an overall feeling of personal empowerment and boosted self-confidence.

We help our clients understand how to make informed decisions, overcome negative thinking, improve problem solving, build coping skills, and get more enjoyment and happiness out of every daily life.

“The word stress is often associated with something unpleasant, undesirable and dangerous. It is problematic that the word functions as a black box filled with all kinds of “evil” because there are also plenty of good and positive forms of stress.” Stig Severenseon -Breatheology The Art of Conscious Breathing.

Breath Control Therapy restores the allostatic balance of stresses in the body and strengthen the coordination between the respiratory system and nervous system.  Through breathwork we will tip the scales in favour of the “Rest and Digest” phase of the parasympathetic nervous system and begin to give the body an opportunity to regain homeostasis an attain optimal health.

Anxiety can be debilitating, preventing you from enjoying everyday activities with friends, or even preventing you from leaving the house. 

We work with you in a safe, comfortable environment and provide secure online individual Breath Control Therapy sessions that can take place in the comfort and discretion of your own home or we can also accommodate by offering In-Person private classes.

The Breath Control for Everyday Life program is offered to women, men and children of all ages. 

Our unique breathwork techniques and breathing exercises can alter the biochemical composition of your blood to better prepare you when potential triggers arise.

You will be given specific tools to better manage your anxiety symptoms so that you are able to get back to doing the things you want to do. Specific phobias or anxieties can be managed as well as General Anxiety Disorder.

I would recommend this to anyone wanting to reduce stress, manage anxiety and help with sleep.  The benefits are long term, however some of the breathing techniques give an intense immediate release and are so valuable when you need it in the moment.

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