Controlled Breathing for Mental and Emotional Resilience

   Our Clients

We provide specialized resiliency training for individuals or groups in high stress and high risk situations or occupations.  Breath Control Training provides the essential tools to help our clients attain, regain and maintain optimal physical and mental health.


All military personnel including army, navy, air force, coast guard and special forces can benefit from our resiliency training in fact several special forces units internationally have already made it mandatory.

First Responders

Police Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics, and Search and Rescue will increase focus and improve judgement for decision making while increasing physical performance and mental toughness.


Veterans can enhance quality of life, build mental fitness,  increase energy levels and get a better nights sleep.  The US Navy SEALS have adopted breathwork as a trusted technology to support their veterans.

Health Care Professionals

For physicians, nurses, medical students and all health care professionals working in a clinical setting to avoid compassion fatigue, workplace burnout and eventual mental health leave.

Clinical and Corporate

Corporate professionals and Mental Health Clinicians can benefit by developing new resiliency tools to combat workplace anxiety and job stress.  This sustainable program benefits entire organizations both employers and staff.

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