Injury Rehabilitation

Reduce Recovery Time with Breath Control Injury Rehabilitation

Breath Control therapy for injury rehabilitation teaches that when you lead with your breath through specific breathing exercises and techniques that establish healthy functional breathing, the mind and body will follow suit.  

Controlled functional breathing patterns produce significant effective results for injury rehabilitation, pain management and pain reduction. Functional breathing for pain management relaxes tense or cramped muscles and increases blood flow in the body which results in cells acquiring more oxygen and are thoroughly cleansed of waste products.

Positive psychology and imagery exercises for pain reduction calm the mind and increase beneficial endorphin production which are the body’s natural painkillers.

The alpha wave activity in the brain simulated through specific breathing techniques have a positive effect on the nervous system, hormone production and immune system.

Breathwork is a powerful tool to create a high level of relaxation and increase blood circulation during a healing period or rehabilitation program to expedite your recovery and can be useful as a stand alone therapy or in conjunction with treatments such as physiotherapy.

Injury Rehabilitation for Bedridden patients

Our program is specifically designed to be significantly effective in reducing injury recovery time and helping clients manage and alleviate pain who are bedridden or struggle with acute or long-term mobility issues.  For athletes, military and first responders we can maintain aerobic and cardiovascular fitness levels and often can improve respiratory functioning.

Bedridden patients have an unexpected surplus of time available – We will exploit every precious second of down time and leverage it to your advantage in order to continue forward momentum and progress in your life.

Our injury rehabilitation program is comprised of various breathing techniques combined with positive psychology, physical strengthening and flexibility exercises will maintain physical fitness and mental sharpness.

Breath Control Therapy for injury rehabilitation employs positive psychology to initiate a state of flow which can be a powerful tool for pain management.

Imagery, concentration and visualization techniques can initiate the process of improved oxygen and nutrient delivery in the blood stream to the remote corners of your body allowing more waste products than usual to be removed with the blood. In the same way nerves are calmed, and all of this helps you feel more fresh, relaxed, happy and positive. Pain diminishes, partly because of improved blood circulation, but also because the relaxed state leads to pain-relieving endorphins being directed to the entire body.

Our deep relaxation techniques have a beneficial effect on the white blood cells – small soldiers in the body’s immune system, which become better at fighting inflammations and eliminating pain.

Breath Control Therapy for injury rehabilitation can be delivered through secure telehealth sessions, In-person private sessions or we can accommodate by visiting you at the bedside for on-site and in-person therapy.

We can help with pain reduction, significantly reduce your downtime and get you back in the game, to the office or to the line of duty sooner. We get you back to your life feeling energized and often in better respiratory health and cardiovascular condition than before your injury.  Our program will even help to reduce the risk of future injuries. We will teach you scientifically proven injury prevention exercises and techniques to strengthen your resiliency.

“An injury is not just a process of recovery it’s a process of discovery.” – Conor McGregor

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