Everyday Life Breath Control Techniques

How we breathe is how we feel… how we breathe is how we live!

Breathing is our number one and most important source of energy, period.  We understand that in order to be healthy we must ensure that we are focusing on our diet and eating properly. We focus on what types of food, the quality of the food and the quantity of the food.  These choices are made to provide our body with optimal nutrients to live a healthy life. We also place great emphasis on staying adequately hydrated, drinking our 6 glasses of water daily, monitoring our diuretics such as coffee and drinking the ideal amount of electrolytes.

Yes, in order to lead a healthy lifestyle we must ensure we are making wise decisions in how we eat and drink. We can go for days without drinking, even longer without eating but only moments without breathing.  Breathing is our most important energy supply for the body! The air we breathe is immediately transferred into usable energy as soon as it enters the body.

We breathe 30,000 times every single day.  Out of those 30,000 breaths we only utilize about 60%. of each breath meaning that every day we are completely wasting and throwing away about 40% (almost half) of our main energy supply, straight down the drain.

Breathe deeply to reduce stress, increase alertness, and boost your immune system

How we breathe is how we feel, how we breathe is how we live.  If we are not breathing fully how can we expect to feel good, feel complete and experience life to it’s fullest.  This is where Breath Control comes in, we will teach you breathing exercises and breathwork techniques that shine a spotlight on the benefits of functional breathing patterns and equip you with the tools and skills to reach your full potential and experience true happiness in your life.

Overcome dysfunctional breathing patterns, poor posture and stress

We work to first identify dysfunctional breathing patterns that may be the result of bad habits, poor posture, stress, injury, substance use or illness.  We then offer individualized breathing techniques and provide an approachable framework that introduce more consciousness and simple yet practical “tools” to implement in everyday life situations. By first identifying how dysfunctional breathing patterns can effect you and how you can simply choose a more functional breathing pattern or perhaps a specific breathing technique for a particular life situation is of great physical and mental benefit.  Bringing awareness to your breathing patterns relationship with the body and mind will allow you to make powerful transformational changes in your everyday life.

Your breathing always tells the truth, you can not intellectualize or mask your breath.  When you breathe – you breathe for now, not yesterday in the past or futurizing about tomorrow but present in your shoes in the moment.

To create real change in your life, you need to challenge your habits and move away from bad habits to good habits.  This is true for your breathing as well.  Bad breathing habits can arise from psychological stress, illnesses, physical injury too much screen time, etc. The stress affects your nervous system leading to a change in your breathing pattern and subsequently may change it to a chronic dysfunctional breathing pattern.

Breath Control – A Somatic Based Therapy

The Breath Control method is a somatic based therapy that strengthens the coordination between the respiratory system and the nervous system. Breath Control was developed based on the understanding that specific slow, intentional, full breathing can stimulate the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is a part of the parasympathetic nervous system that controls and also measures the activity of many internal organs.

The vagus nerve which is the tenth cranial nerve is a major influence of the lungs and heart and the connection with the brain is quite fascinating. The brain-heart-lungs trinity rules your body and governs your mind.

Breath Control Training can provide you with the key to manage your anxiety and relieve stress levels by activating the calming sympathetic pathways of your nervous system on command. You will learn to lead with your breath and will discover that the body and the mind will always follow suit.

Physical and Psychological Benefits of Breathwork on Child Development

There are many scientific studies that illustrate a multitude of both physical and psychological benefits that result from breathing exercises for children. We all start out with good breathing habits and it is vital for our children’s physical, mental and social development that appropriate attention and focus is placed on breathing patterns at a young age to ensure children the opportunity to flourish in life.

The Breatheology Method

A component of Breath Control training is the Breatheology method which by design is comprised of very approachable techniques and framework that is easy to learn but may take a lifetime to master.

The three branches that Breatheology is built on are:

  • Ancient knowledge and wisdom on the breathe – body – mind connection
  • Proven medical and scientific research on human anatomy, kinesiology, physiology and neurology
  • Modern techniques from sports, yoga and positive psychology (Flow)

Our breathwork training and breathing exercises can offer something positive to every single human being interested in improving various areas of their lives.

The Psychological, Physical and Emotional Benefits of Breath Control

  • improves brain function, resulting in improved mental clarity, concentration, focus memory, productivity and judgement
  • alleviates feelings of stress and anxiety
  • takes you from a state of ‘fight or flight’ to ‘rest and digest’ in minutes (sometimes seconds)
  • induces grounding and calmness
  • lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • provides an anaerobic and aerobic cardio workout
  • promotes faster recovery and injury rehabilitation
  • balances acidity and PH levels lessening inflammation
  • promotes self-discovery and self-confidence
  • improves connection with self, family, friends and community
  • improves digestion and IBS symptoms
  • Accelerates personal growth and development
  • prevents injuries and improves posture and functional body movements
  • boosts immune system
  • lowers oxidative stress (causes ageing)
  • improves sleeping patterns
  • improves balance and core stability
  • relieves chronic pain
  • balances hormones and influences the production of positive endorphins
  • enhances lymphatic system function to detoxify your body
  • supports lower back and pelvic floor health
  • reduces cravings
  • works on a cellular level to boost energy levels and overall happiness

The majority of our clientele witness instant improvements to their lives from finally getting a good night’s sleep or an energized, full of life feeling. Other clients may experience more subtle effects at first – they may realize that thay make it through an entire allergy season unscathed, or they are more positive and have a smile on their face more often. Breath Control fuels every cell in your body improving the functioning of all your organs and improving your general health and well-being.

Stress is a fact of life these days. There are countless internal and external factors that affect our stress levels and our ability to function in the presence of stress.  The ever-increasing hours being spent behind computer, tv or cell phone screens is a huge contributing factor towards deteriorating mental health because screens can freeze us in the “Fight or Flight” mode as if we were a predator stalking its prey.  Many times we will breathe very lightly and shallowly in our upper chest or even cease to breathe all together and unwittingly hold our breath, a condition know as either cell phone or screen apnea.

Stress and anxiety management is where Breath Control can help. Through use of our breathing exercises and breathwork techniques internal and external stressor can be managed, you can take back your life and return to previous activities of work, self-care, and leisure.

Learning Breath Control is right for you and may be a life changing experience if:

  • You are looking to stay invigorated, healthy and young.
  • You want to feel more grounded and bring balance in to your life.
  • You are lacking focus and have difficulties concentrating.
  • You experience acute or chronic pain and would like to take less drugs or pain medication to feel better.
  • You want to reduce oxidative stress in your body.
  • You find yourself sighing through the day or even holding your breath
  • You experience communication difficulties in work and personal relationships
  • You suffer from symptoms of anxiety, depression or insomnia.
  • You are concerned about the negative effects on your mental and physical health caused by your constant high stress lifestyle.
  • You are aware that you have developed dysfunctional breathing patterns and want to resolve them.
  • You experience digestive problems or GI issues, like constipation, irritable bowel and indigestion or acid reflux.
  • You feel lethargic, unmotivated and fatigued.
  • You would like the ability to better regulate your emotions and control temperament and mood swings.
  • You experience insomnia and can’t turn down or slow down the restlessness of your “monkey mind”
  • You feel torn in making a life changing decision
  • You have noticed an impairment to your short term memory
  • You struggle with past trauma or PTSD causing emotional pain, and you’d like to achieve closure.

Do you want to live a life with less stress?

A life where you don’t feel so overwhelmed?

A life where your mind, body & spirit feel connected, clear and strong?

This is all possible through the gift of  our Breath Control for Everyday Life Program.

We offer Breath Control training in a variety of different formats to accommodate and suit your unique lifestyle.  Prices vary from case-to-case as every program is tailored from the ground up based on the requirements of the client. Contact us to get a quote on your custom program.

  • Live online individual training
  • In-person private sessions
  • Group Workshops and Clinics
  • Retreats

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” – Amit Ray

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