Breath Control Therapy (BCT)

Physical and Mental Health Recovery

Breath Control Therapy (BCT)

Breath Control Therapy (BCT) involves breathing exercises, techniques and medically validated healing principles that form an effective program to assist with your recovery.

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Injury Rehabilitation


We can significantly reduce your downtime and get you back in the game, to the workplace or to the line of duty sooner. We get you back to your life feeling energized, invigorated and often in better respiratory health and cardiovascular condition than before your injury. 

Our injury rehabilitation program is comprised of various breathing techniques combined with positive psychology and physical strengthening and flexibility exercises that maintain and often improve physical fitness and mental sharpness.

Breath Control Therapy for injury rehabilitation can be delivered through secure telehealth sessions, In-person private sessions or we can accommodate by visiting you at the bedside for on-site and in-person therapy.

Trauma / PTSD Treatment

Proven effective Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) & Occupational Stress Injury (OSI) symptom support free from the use of mood-altering prescription medications.

Addiction Recovery

Breath Control Therapy provides non-pharmacological breathing exercises and breathwork techniques for drug and alcohol addiction and recovery from substance abuse.

Breath Control Therapy (BCT) for addiction treatment applies the latest innovations in proven medical sciences and the strongest evidence based practices to suit the unique individual experiences of each client. 

We offer highly flexible programming to addicted individuals and their family members and can accommodate busy schedules through live online individual training or in-person private sessions. 

We also provide our unique innovative service within residential addiction treatment centers and facilities. We have developed a revolutionary program to be a seamlessly integrated component into preexisting structured programming.  BCT acts as an adjunctive therapy to increase patient engagement, absorption and effectiveness of current clinical therapies and is supplemental to the patients’ medical treatment plan.

Anxiety Relief

Our Anxiety and Stress Relief Program consists of unique and innovative deep breathing exercises to relieve anxiety with breathwork techniques that calm stress and manage symptoms of panic disorder.

Our breathing and our respiratory system is intimately linked with our nervous system and will reflect trauma and/or tensions caused by psychological stress and often present itself in the form of anxiety or acute panic attacks.

Breath Control Therapy restores the allostatic balance of stresses in the body and strengthen the coordination between the respiratory system and nervous system.  Through breathwork we will tip the scales in favour of the “Rest and Digest” phase of the parasympathetic nervous system and begin to give the body an opportunity to regain homeostasis an attain optimal health.

Depression Relief

The Breath Control Method is significantly effective in reducing signs and symptoms of depression, naturally without the use of potentially harmful medications.  Our specific breathing exercises, positive psychology and imagery techniques are proven to reduce signs and symptoms of depression and help to restore quality of life.

Pain Managment

Our breathing exercises and breathwork techniques provide drug free pain relief for chronic and acute pain from accident, sports or workplace injuries.

Medical doctors, psychiatrists, neuroscientists, sports therapists and health professionals everywhere are now discovering the immeasurable healing effects that controlled functional breathing patterns can have on clinical and ongoing chronic pain.

Breath Control Therapy for pain management can be delivered through secure telehealth sessions or we can accommodate by visiting you at the bedside for on-site and in-person therapy.

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