Breath Control

The way we breathe is the way we feel and how we perform.

The way we breathe is the way we live!

One of the biggest detriments to our physical and mental health that prevents us from reaching our full performance potential and keeps us feeling stressed and depressed is inefficient dysfunctional breathing.  Let’s change that.

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Take a few minutes to watch the video below demonstraing Breath Control exercises and techniques that restore healthy functional breathing patterns.

Breathing is our #1 source of energy. I’d argue more important than food or water, yet the breath is often the over looked aspect of training or everyday life.  Attention to nutrition and hydration is obviously critical to maintaining optimal health but… emphasis on your breath should be the paramount priority.

We breathe 20,000-30,000 times each day and most of us, even high performance athletes only utilize 60%-70% of each breath.  Let’s think about this… every day we waste nearly half of the body’s main energy supply by inefficient, dysfunctional breathing patterns.

This effects everyone from high performance athletes, health care professionals, corporate executives, those suffering with physical and mental injury or illness, first responders, military, special forces, veterans and everyday men, woman and children.

The best gift we can give to our performance and our physical and mental health is efficient, optimal Breath Control.

Breath Control Training is based upon four main pillars:

  • Biochemistry and composition of the blood
  • Biomechanics of ventilation and functional breathing patterns
  • Somatics breathwork and psychophysiology 
  • Psychology and motivational techniques

Breath Control Training is comprised of proven principles, exercises and breath coaching techniques to form one unique comprehensive training program.

The Oxygen Advantage and The Breatheology Method are two fundamental practices that are intertwined throughout our breath coaching programs.

Through breathwork, a link can be created between body and mind that enables a person to control stress, increase energy, increase physical and mental performance, alleviate pain, improve health and enhance happiness.

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  • Sports and Athletic
  • Corporate
  • Tactical
  • Everyday Life
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • PTSD, OSI & Trauma
  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain Management
  • Asthma
  • Military
  • First Responders
  • Veterans
  • Health Care Professional
  • Clinical and Corporate
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Breath Control Programming is offered via:

  • Live Online Individual Training
  • In-Person Private Sessions
  • Workshops & Clinics
  • Retreats
Breath Coaching Methods

Learn the Oxygen Advantage Program developed by breathing and respiratory expert also best-selling author Patrick McKeown.

Oxygen Advantage Technique

Founded By Patrick McKeown

Learn the Breatheology Method designed by Stig Severinsen – 4x Freediving World Champion and Guiness World Record holder.

Breatheology Method

Founded by Stig Severinsen

Learn Breath Control Training from High Performance Coach, Respiratory Specialist, Nurse, Paramedic and Occupationally Aware Clinician; Tyler Huston

Breath Control Training

Founded By Tyler Huston

Breathwork Therapy

Injury Rehabilitation

Expedite recovery times from sports, workplace or accident injuries and reduce the risk of future injuries.

Trauma / PTSD Treatment

Effective PTSD & OSI symptom support free from the use of mood-altering prescription medications.

Addiction Recovery

Breathing exercises and breathwork techniques for drug and alcohol addiction and recovery from substance abuse.

Anxiety Relief

Deep breathing exercises for stress with breathwork techniques to calm anxiety and manage symptoms of panic disorder.

Depression Relief

Positive psychology and imagery techniques, proven to reduce symptoms of depression and restore quality of life.

Pain Management

Non-pharmacological Breath Control Therapy for pain management and pain reduction for acute or chronic pain relief

News Articles & Upcoming Events

Stay current with Breath Control announcements, upcoming workshops and events while keeping informed on the latest scientific articles and research studies.

Addiction Recovery Partnership Program
Addiction Recovery Partnership Program

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Breath Control Accredited Organization partnership program.  This new initiative seamlessly integrates breathwork as supplemental programming for rehabilitation and addiction treatment centres as well as private health...

Mental Health Support for Public Safety Personnel
Mental Health Support for Public Safety Personnel

We have been working with the Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment (CIPSRT) to provide detailed information on our Resilient Guardians Program.  CIPSRT have created an access point to mental health support services for first responders, their...

Breathwork For Addiction Recovery and PTSD Support
Breathwork For Addiction Recovery and PTSD Support

Our breath establishes the connection between our body and mind. Breathwork allows you to regain the control in your life that has been lost as a result of the trauma and allows you to calm yourself down in time of need. It is common practice for health care...

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