We have been working with the Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment (CIPSRT) to provide detailed information on our Resilient Guardians Program.  CIPSRT have created an access point to mental health support services for first responders, their families and all other Public Safety Personnel.  The platform allows for easy and confidential access to Breath Control Training (BCT) for post traumatic stress injuries, occupational stress injuries among other physical ailments and mental illnesses.

CIPSRT Canadian Institute for Public Safety research and treatment works to improve the lifetime health and well-being for people directly or indirectly related to public safety personnel, including frontline personnel, support personnel, families of personnel, and retired personnel.

When hearing the term Public Safety Personnel, or PSP, most people think of the highly visible professions – firefighters, paramedics, and police. But there are many other types of PSP; for example, border services officers, correctional officers, search and rescue personnel, and numerous persons who support all PSP operations.

There are also other important PSP who often work out of sight; for example, public safety communicators (e.g., 911 operators and dispatchers) and operational intelligence personnel.

Visit the PSP Mental Health Services website to access programs and services offered by specialized providers across Canada.