We couldn’t be prouder and more exited to announce that we have collaborated with one of Canada’s premiere addiction treatment centers Cedars at Cobble Hill to a brand new initiative through the Discovery by Cedars Aftercare Program that will offer Breath Control Therapy sessions. The Breath Control Therapy Program is as an option of continuing care for individuals who have completed residential treatment.  The BCT program is available to those in recovery from addiction or as a support program for their families or loved ones.

This new service will allow access to the Breath Control Therapy program via telehealth for individuals across Canada and internationally from the comfort and privacy of their own home via telehealth.

The Discovery Program for personal or family healing features therapeutic exercises and informative sessions that invite participants to explore topics such as connection, communication skills, self acceptance, and support. These discussions stimulate ways for people to express and manage their feelings, move beyond resentment, and rebuild trust. In the process of bypassing unhealthy behaviours, participants will establish a foundation on how to rebuild healthy relationships, allowing them to move towards integrity and fulfillment for both themselves and their families.

While the Discovery Program is designed to support families in addiction recovery, it also highlights the importance of creating an individual road to recovery. Recovery is not a “one-size fits all” solution and thus, it is important for participants to develop a range of coping mechanisms. Discovery is meant to bring positive change. Whether you have a close relationship with someone struggling with Substance Use Disorder, or are looking for ways to cope, this program is for you.

For additional information please visit the Discovery by Cedars website, the Cedars at Cobble Hill Addiction Treatment Center website or the Breath Control Therapy for Addiction Recovery page on our website.