Dysfunctional breathing patterns are all around us and can be linked to many physical and mental illnesses as well as medical conditions in our high stress, disconnected and distracted society. This video will explain how conscious breathing can rehabilitate and restore healthy, practical, functional breathing and revitalize every single system in the body.

The breathing techniques covered in this video will teach you how to reduce anxiety while improving sleeping patterns, energy, performance and overall health through functional, conscious, focused breathing.

We discuss common detriments in our society that lead towards dysfunctional breathing patterns such as:

  • Upper chest mouth breathing
  • Poor posture starting at a young age from spending too much time seated
  • Spending too much time on screens (cell phone, gaming devices, TV, computer, etc.)
  • Chronic stress and anxiety
  • Mental health injuries and illness including Addiction and PTS
  • Physical injuries from sports, workplace and motor vehicle accidents that may include acute concussion and chronic pain
  • Diet and nutrition intake

We discuss breathing exercises and some philosophies from The Breatheology Method and also touch on proven scientific benefits associated with the The Oxygen Advantage technique.

These practical Breath Control techniques should be applied every moment of every day and that includes:

  1. During moments of rest

2. While performing physical activity or sports training

3. Throughout the night while you sleep

Most clients experience some benefits almost immediately. It may take a few weeks of practicing these functional breathing techniques before they begin to take over through the subconscious while you sleep, but when functional breathing becomes prevalent you will experience significant healing and rehabilitation benefits.

Clients report that before long their eyes become whiter and their skin becomes brighter.  They become calmer and experience better sleeping patterns which leads to greater energy and more focus, less stress and reduced anxiety.

Breathing Coach – Tyler Huston discusses functional breathing techniques

Breathing is our number one fuel supply that provides energy to the body, restores and maintains our health by providing our body with essential nutrients and immunity boosting hormones  – it is renewable, instantly accessible and free.

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