The Breatheology


The Breatheology method was developed based on the understanding that slow, intentional, deep breathing can stimulate the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is a part of the parasympathetic nervous system that controls and also measures the activity of many internal organs illustrated in the image below.

    Breath Control Training

The vagus nerve which is the tenth cranial nerve is a major influence of the lungs and heart and the connection with the brain is quite fascinating. The brain-heart-lungs trinity rules your body and governs your mind.

Breath Control Training can provide you with the key to managing your state of mind and stress level by activating the calming sympathetic pathways of your nervous system on command.

Scientific validation has resulted in breathing techniques being more frequently recommended, prescribed and practiced due to the fact that are:

– Safe

– Easy to implement

– Always accessible

– Free once learned

– Non-pharmacological

Breath Control training strengthens the living nervous system which can produce extraordinary results when used as a tool to help:

– Sports, Tactical and Business Performance


– Anxiety and Depression

– Addiction

– Athletic Rehabilitation

– Employee Burnout Prevention

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